Built-in Appliances

Shop Built-In Appliances from Jashanmal UAE

Provide a seamless contemporary look to your  home with Electrolux built-in appliances from Jashanmal UAE. Choose from a vast selection of built-in appliances featuring the top brand Electrolux. Designed to bring a modern appeal to your home, these appliances will enable you to utilize your kitchen space in the most effective way possible, making it appear more spacious and extensive. Find all built-in machines you need, from built-in ovens, refrigerators, and integrated fridge freezers to built-in dishwashers, chimney hoods, and gas hobs. These appliances are built to last, easy to install and maintain. For a modish, integrated look, mix and match your built-in kitchen appliances with your cabinetry; these appliances will surely be the focal point of your kitchen. 

Invest in Electrolux built-in ovens and modernize your space. This oven will surely satisfy all of your baking needs with its outstanding qualities that include a ring heating element, conventional baking, defrost, quick heat-up, a top heating element that can be removed for simple cleaning, and a cooling fan. This integrated oven is ideal for preparing all your favorite dishes. For more baking necessities, be sure to take a look at our bakeware selection.

Explore Built-In Dishwashers & Fridges in Dubai

Upgrade your kitchen with Electrolux and add a little more flair and convenience to your kitchen with Electrolux’s built-in fridges. These fridges provide two cooling systems that will maintain your food at the right level of humidity and temperature, excellent storage to help you organize your space effectively, and electronic touch controls to make adjusting the temperature and settings way simpler. Furthermore, this fridge is perfect for convenience and space efficiency. And if you’re struggling to find a quick and functional dishwasher, we've got you covered! Electrolux built-in dishwasher is your upcoming timesaver! This built-in dishwasher features a SatelliteClean function that ensures complete cleaning, natural drying with fresh air, easy installation, PerfectFit sliding hinges, and a beam-on-floor feedback system that will keep your kitchen quiet and noise-free. Not just that, but they’ll also save valuable counter and floor space, making them a great choice for smaller kitchens. These built-in appliances will totally change your kitchen with their cutting-edge features.


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