Rice & Slow Cookers

Rice Cookers Dubai, UAE

Make perfectly fluffy rice every time with our range of rice cookers in Dubai designed to make cooking rice hassle-free. A rice steamer lets you save time so you no longer have to wait for the rice as it cooks or continuously adjust heat; simply press a button! Plus, unlike a traditional stove-top pot, an electric rice cooker guarantees perfect rice for every meal with minimal effort. On top of that, you no longer have to worry about scraping off sticky rice thanks to the non-stick inner bowl available in most rice steamers. It’s an essential appliance in any kitchen! Discover our range today and get a great rice cooker price in Dubai and all of UAE. 

What Are The Benefits of a Rice Cooker?

1. Automatically Cooks Rice, Saving You The Hassle

You don’t have to worry about an electric rice cooker like you would a saucepan or other stove-top utensils. Simply measure the rice and water, put the lid, and turn the rice steamer on. It will automatically stop cooking once the cycle is complete. You don’t even need to stay in the kitchen!  

2. Lets you Say Goodbye to Cold Rice.

Most electric rice cookers have a warming feature you can use after the cycle is done,  which lets you keep rice warm without overcooking it. So you can prepare the rest of your meal without worrying about cold rice!  

3. It is Very Easy to Clean.

Most countertop rice steamers feature components that are dishwasher safe. Not only that, but they also often come with non-stick bowls, saving you the hassle of scraping off sticky rice. 

Kenwood & Russell Hobbs Rice Cookers

Discover our range of Kenwood and Russell Hobbs rice cookers, giving you the best of rice steaming technology. The Kenwood rice cooker is a great addition to any kitchen, which makes cooking delicious meals simple. Our Kenwood rice cooker range also includes rice cookers with steamers so you can cook a wide variety of meals. 

Additionally, explore our selection of Russell Hobbs rice cookers and steamers that let you effortlessly make all rice dishes. Opt for a large Russell Hobbs rice cooker that makes up to 14 servings of rice, great for large gatherings. Or choose a medium rice steamer that makes up to 6 servings, ideal for cooking for the family or meal prepping for the week. Discover the range and buy the best rice cookers in Dubai & UAE at great prices online at Jashanmal.