Irons & Garment Steamers


Irons & Garment Steamers

Garment Steamers

Get wrinkles out quickly and safely with our range of the best garment steamers. Steam your clothes without taking up space with a handheld steamer or get the best of both worlds with a steam generator iron. Never worry about damaging your clothes again with the right garment steamer. Discover the range now.

What is the difference between a garment steamer and an iron?

A garment steamer is better suited for delicate clothing but works well on most fabrics too. An iron won’t be very effective on a sweater or remove odors, whereas a garment steamer can. Further, a clothes steamer removes wrinkles without making contact with the fabric. It does so by emitting hot steam that relaxes the fibers in clothes. The steam is applied at a short distance from the cloth, smoothing it without applying extreme heat and risking damage. Protect your clothes and find the best clothes steamers in our selection including SteamOne and Kenwood garment steamers and more. 

Do clothes steamers really work?

Garment steamers are ideal for delicate and soft fabrics like satin, silk, polyester and jersey. This is because there’s a minimal chance for burning since steamers don’t actually touch the fabric. An added benefit of clothes steamers is that they can smooth out sleeves, pleats and ruffles much easier than irons. Plus, steamers are much faster and can be more convenient. For example, a handheld steamer beats an iron any day because it’s lightweight and takes up minimal space. Find the ideal portable steamer for you from top brands like Sure, SteamOne and more for reliable quality. Shop the range today.