Electric Pressure Cookers at Best Prices

Pressure Cookers 

Prepare your favorite healthy meals in no time with our range of pressure cookers. Choose a classic stainless steel pressure cooker or an electric pot cooker that suits your needs and budget. Get your hands on a Kenwood, Silampos, or Fissler pressure cooker, and many other brands. Stay tuned for our sales and promotions to get the best pressure cooker price.

How to Use a Pressure Cooker?

You can easily use a pressure cooker in 6 simple steps. 

  1. Add food & liquid into the pot
  2. Close the lid, and make sure the valve is in the right position
  3. Choose the pressure setting
  4. Wait for the pressure to build up inside the cooker
  5. Start cooking under pressure
  6. Release the pressure 

What Are the Benefits of a Pressure Cooker?

1. Food Retains Most of Its Nutrients and Tastes Better 

 Pressure cookers prepare food faster while using less liquid. A shorter cooking time means that food is less likely to lose its color and flavor. Plus, the water boils away leaving the food with most of its nutrients. Pressure cookers decrease cooking time by as much as 70%, helping food retain its nutrients and natural taste. This is because the longer food takes to cook, the more its nutrients are destroyed. 

2. Pressure Cookers Save Food Preparation Time 

Since pressure cookers reduce cooking time by up to 70%, they help you quickly bring food to the table, making them ideal for those days when you’re too tired or busy to cook.

3. They Require Less Cleaning 

With a pressure cooker, you don’t have to worry about residue left behind on stovetops and counters like when you use a regular pot. This is because pressure cookers have well-secured lids which block any splashes or spatter from seeping through the cooker. Plus, they prevent any boilovers which could need further cleanups. Additionally, a non-stick pressure cooker would make your life even easier so you don’t have to worry about scraping off any stuck leftovers. 

Buy a Pressure Cooker at a Great Price in UAE

If you’re sold on and want a pressure cooker of your own, then look no further than our range of some of the best pressure cookers on the market. Choose from electric or stainless steel pressure cookers from top brands like Kenwood, Silampos, and Fissler pressure cookers at a great price in the UAE. Shop online now.