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Immerse yourself and your home in the most captivating scents with Jashanmal UAE's chosen range of candles and fragrance diffusers. Whether you want to decorate a space, create a relaxing and therapeutic environment or simply want to disperse a pleasant scent in your home or workspace, our fragrant selection is the only place to look. Pick from soft and sweet, fresh and floral, and warm and woody aromas to infuse any space and create a pleasant ambiance. Offering the ideal scented diffuser for you, get to choose from reed diffusers, electric aroma diffusers, and candle diffusers. Our home fragrance selection will meet all of your demands. Whether you're seeking aromatherapy, to humidify the air, to reduce congestion and inflammation, or to promote skin health, fill your space with an invigorating blend of scents from luxury brands featuring Castelbel, Dr. Vranjes, and Ozlem Tuna.

Transform any room's vibe with our scented candles that make an ideal accent to any home decor. These candles can be used to adorn a place, create a cozy vibe, or set the tone for a series of events, thanks to their essential oil blends that perform very well and can be used in any part of the house to provide a pleasing, but not overpowering, scent. Complete your aromatic experience by opting for one of our candle holders for added timeless elegance.

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 Find your home's signature scent and indulge in a relaxing aromatic experience with luxury candles and diffusers from Jashanmal UAE. These delightful products will not only make your home smell good and uplift it, but they will also add a personal and aesthetic touch to it. Choose an aroma you will love going home to, from candles to reed diffusers, room sprays, and even fragrance oils. Our collection has your new favorite home scent waiting for you.

Shop all your needs at Jashanmal now, whether it’s home fragrances, perfumes for men & women, or fragrance gift sets; purchase now and pay in small installments later with Tabby and Tamara, and take advantage of endless specials, offers, and unmatched prices in the UAE.